What is a Hanko? What is an Inkan?

hanko of Japan is an alternative of signature
Speaking of the functions of the hanko briefly, I would say that instead of a signature.
Generally the role of the stamp of in Japan
hanko = signature
I think it can be said that.
So of hanko and inkan difference would be what?
The original word tool for pushing this to the paper hanko in the sense of, inkan the imprint that can be in the paper by pressing the hanko, especially government offices and banks Among them seems to say what that is stored as identity of you Japan people who know up there in person, you do not have people who are using stuck. In even day-to-day is here,
hanko = inkan
It is considered as I think that there is no problem.

Trivia of hanko

The history of Hanko

Japan’s oldest gold mark? Gold mark (monies) will mark made of gold. In ancient China, such as kings, princes, your history Dayu has been with had. And, it was discovered in Shikanoshima, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan’s oldest gold mark, referred to as the “Kanyamatoyakko king mark (Inn of cans of Wanonano King)”. Mark of “Han committee guy king” is, we Emperor Guangwu of the Later Han is said to those given to the guy king Suishō in 57 AD. To do this, it has been engraved with the “Han committee guy king (cans of Wanonano King)”. National Treasure is a picture of a replica of the “gold hanko” The beginning of […]

For typeface and India-phase body that is used to seal

Mark phase (Inso) body is a kind of typeface. It was born by to arrange the Seal Script (Seal Script) body. Is the Moto in which this Seal Script of the mark-phase body, but the origin is very old, it will be traced back to BC. Continue to exist while changing little by little in the long history, we have been used in areas such as calligraphy and stamp have now. Hand was added to the Seal Script, in what is mark-phase body in which a unique style, this typeface there are some of the features. In the hanko carved a sign-phase body, it is often part of the character […]

Indicate the job title as “title mark”, reveal the whereabouts of the responsibility seal

Position mark is that of the hanko that shows a person’s title or affiliation to be used. According to the title and the title, such as “President and CEO mark” and “Branch mark” There are many variations. Co., Ltd. and Japan, Foundation, will be tailored to the organization, such as the NPO. To reveal the identity of the location by carve the title, the purpose of which is to clarify the whereabouts of responsibility with respect to such counterparties. There is a separate “Sumishirushi” in the corporation, but because the Sumishirushi not been carved only the company name, do not know what everyone is pressed when viewed from the other […]

By selectively used with the official seal, prevent it from being abused “bank mark”

The bank mark is the stamp that have been registered and reported to financial institutions such as banks. It used at the time of contract or loan when the withdrawal from the account mainly in the window. By selectively used with the official hanko, you’ll be able to keep to a minimum the risk of when you accidentally any chance lost or stolen. Also it will suffer a heavy burden in such procedures at the time of the loss and would then serve as a bank mark the official hanko. I much labor, such as procedures for deregistration procedures and changing hankos of the official hanko not only to change […]


The Sumishirushi, is a stamp that corporations and sole proprietors to use. Company name or trade name has been carved rather than a personal name. Invoice in the main Company, receipt, is likely to be used to hanko in such quote. If as a hanko for the corporation, but there is a circle corporation, tend company is often to be registered as the official hanko. In contrast Sumishirushi is said to hanko to the private hanko role for businesses. Corporations and sole proprietors invoices, receipts, by stamping the documents such as quotations company issues, it has a effect to clarify that the company has issued a document. If you start […]

Official seal different from! What is a personal seal?

The private hanko refers to the stamp that has not been registered hanko registration. When you use and your last name and the name is carved in the hard material and give the ink pad. Those of the ink ooze type without using the ink pad has been called “Shachihata / penetration mark”. Seal that have registered to public office is the official hanko. Since it is a hanko certificate will in many cases be used to issue and contracts related notarial deed. In contrast, in the case of a personal hanko it will be used, such as the receipt of the paperwork and simple money and goods that do […]

Meaning and the engravings, the charm of made the seal by the engravings is

When engravings and (stippled) is to create a hanko and stone monument, it refers to the act of engrave the Seal Script (Seal Script) is a typeface that was used in Qin previous China. Stamp material engrave is different, such as stone and wood, but an increasing number of cases referred to as the engravings also using other typefaces such as Kana and block letters. Engravings and calligraphy have many common parts, brush and paper used for calligraphy, you become sword and stone in the engravings. Precisely because carved characters dynamism and beauty Kanjitore to stamp material, it will be that could be a great hanko. And the hanko created […]

The tally impression? There is what purpose?

And when originally was a single document of the tally impression, it is the hanko to press the case that the same document was made two. For example, the original and duplicate in the former, it is pushed to two such original and a copy to prove that it was originally set. There can press the same as receipt and across to the refrain. The latter is pushed in order to prove that it has made two the same thing in such contract. This is also a sign to prove that there is no third piece of the contract. Since tally impression either case something to be pressed in order […]

Not hear too late! The postmark

The postmark, a kind of stamp, postcards and postage stamps, stamp and represents the fact that “used”. Is the hanko that is pressed in order to prevent it from being used again. Or stamped with the goal of the disabled, such as postage stamps and postcards, it may refer to the act itself to be signed. Postmark is not the only role in the prevention of re-use. Once upon a time, in the mail from before they put a stamp on the postal matter it had been pressed stamp indicating the date. That if remnants are there of mail it has been described date to postmark. The is also a […]

What of it is the 捨印?

The 捨印, is what the role of the place of the correction mark when creating a document. Application form and contract, when you create a document, such as a certificate, you may like if you’ve entered the wrong lexical, is where you want to correct come out. General correction mark, press the hanko to suffer in the double line draw a double line to the lexical wrong.捨印 against it, that to hanko the stamp in the margin of advance statements in in case you want to at a later date correction, or refers to the imprinted hanko itself.捨印 has been introduced in order to smoothly perform paperwork. To or exchange […]

The Tomeshirushi? Such as meaning and background

The Tomeshirushi, is stamped to indicate that the description of the document is the end there. It will be pressed in order to clearly show the end of the document, such as mainly contract. It was customary as an effective means to prevent the falsification of documents. For the text of the expression, you can prevent tampering by the required correction mark at the time of the change. However, only the rules do not prevent possible to add an illegal sentence. Reveals the Bun’o, the sentence after it you should not be added to write. Tomeshirushi than its role as, the press immediately after the character at the end of […]

Society’s necessities! Correction mark to help with

Such documents to be submitted to the contracts and government offices there is a scene to fill out to a variety of important documents in business and everyday life. It is also run-of-the-mill, which would the wrong place to be filled with the utmost care so as not to mistake. There is correction mark to success in such a case. If it is found generally mistake of entry is draws a double line in the language portion to be corrected, and then stamped with a hanko, such as private hanko on top of the margin portion or double line. Correction mark is proof that acknowledged the existence of corrections. But […]

For the appeal that it is yours as a “sign and seal mark” is

Sign and hanko and the mark (Rakkan’in), stands for the dedication 款識 mark (you doing effortlessly survived), is a stamp to stamp, etc. Unlike calligraphy works and Japanese paintings official hanko and personal hanko. In the sense that the dedication 款識 The calligraphy and paintings (dedication) to put a signature (款識), is the hanko of to appeal that it is my work. Shubunshirushi mark the pen name to sign and hanko mark, Hakubun sign that marks the first and last name, there is a related Boshirushi-引首 sign that marks the like motto. A formal scene usually press even three of these, but you may want to hanko the only one […]

The “collection” mark indicating that it is yours?

Collection and the mark (collection you doing), collection mark and books mark, which is also referred to as a DenRyoshirushi, which indicates that the book is a collection, property of the people and organizations you press the hanko. Usually, is pushed to the first or last page of the book, such as the name of the owner or ownership group of the collection will be engraved. It is not in the stamp has a legal significance as the official hanko, but you can help them return by to clarify the owner. In China it began to be used from the Song Dynasty, and then as a trigger that the book […]

Was used started in place of the mud! ? The ink pad

The ink pad (ink pad), is that of red inkpad used to when you press the stamp. It is kneaded ink pad and sponge ink pad to have been mainly used in modern Japan. Kneading ink pad is vermilion (sublimed mercury sulfide, plus the alkaline solution diluted concentration) and allowed such a mixed pigment is that hardened by kneading with castor oil. Since the time stamp imprint remains vivid even after, It is suitable to hanko the document to be saved over a long period of time. Generally for commercially available are those in inky and red synthetic resin and chemicals in pigment stamp ink pad. It has been a […]

Evidence that made a registered seal! And seal certificate of registration

Says the stamp, which is registered in the office to create a stamp of your own with the official hanko. Official hanko contract of real estate, purchase of motor vehicles, there is a tendency that is often used to create such contract notarial deed. Official hanko is the hanko registration card is what is required at the time of delivery to reveal that which was registered in the local governments. It is said to be known as “hanko registration card”. When the application for registration of the registered hanko Can you issued a hanko registration card. Registration method and the application of the registered hanko registration to the public office […]

Typeface with tradition and “seal script” is

The Seal Script (Seal Script) body, Seal Script, is a kind of typeface of Chinese characters in what is also referred to as 篆文. Also has been used to hanko that has been pushed to the bill of the widely used Bank of Japan also issued the stamp. When used in Hanko, more precisely referred to as Shirushi篆 (Inten). What is old history as has also been used in the gold hanko of the national treasure, “Han committee guy king” called and as Japan’s oldest hanko is used prior to Hatadai. There is a case where some modern character and the shape is different, forgery because it has a complex […]

It has evolved in Japan as “Koshirushitai” is?

The Koshirushitai (carp I want to), a kind of typeface used for the hanko, chipped or broken, unique weights produced by sanitizing with a bulge is characterized. It is suitable for use in the readability is high private hanko, but can also be used as the official hanko and the bank marked for replication is difficult not uniform in thickness of the line. In addition, the hanko created by the old mark body to become less finish of the margin, there is a merit that the missing hard to hard to break even when you accidentally event shocked the hanko. Those that had been stamped on the original has been […]

The registered seal

The official hanko is the stamp that was registered with the government office that has jurisdiction over the area where he lives. There is also a case to be used to hanko along with a hanko certificate when connecting a separately made an important contract with the day-to-day use private hanko. Official hanko, since the person who press the stamp is also the identification certificate to prove that it is the owner himself, hanko that can be mass-produced as penetration mark can not be registered. Altered resistant material and the copy is not easily typeface is required. That such a system has been established in Japan, but common people also […]

The seal impression? For Designation of Hanko

The imprint, is the trace of stamp you press, such as in the document. That would call to collectively as “hanko” that marks you press a stamp is often in everyday, but it’s the use of really the wrong word. Those subjected to the carvings on the stamp material in order to push the mark is officially called the hanko. And, it is a sign that was pressed with the ink pad is the imprint. Usually, when receiving the or courier when submitting the documents, press the hanko to the document, it pressed imprint is, it has become the proof that was or consent or push the person is confirmed. […]

That the seal of the zodiac is the raw Ayakashirushi

And Xiao raw raw Ayakashirushi (Matsukage Say) By Zodiac say to folks, it indicates that the Chinese zodiac. The raw Ayakashirushi that of the hanko in the shape of these Chinese zodiac, is a hanko that was often treated as a lucky charm from the old days. In recent years, and an increasing number of those pretty design, has been around for many on the Internet as of such design. Since it is possible to buy feel free on the Internet, but it can also be purchased as a gift, it is a trend many people to buy for their own use when sending greeting cards. Also, there are a […]

Chinese history is condensed! What does that mean “Chishirushi”?

It means “to create a stamp” in Chinese and “Chishirushi,” “stamp carve”. The roots has been said that the first things that came to be used in ancient Mesopotamia BC around 5000 years. Was transmitted to ancient China to 4-5 century BC via the Silk Road was a hanko made of bronze and then through the years. And China after the Han era, a sign that is used in the office, which is said to be “government hanko” is now to be introduced in Japan. That is the sign that carved the oldest of Japanese history to the left and are Han committee guy king as a hanko Japan (cans […]

What is a Han mark? Han is a sign of charm and history?

The Han mark is a stamp made in the era of the Chinese Han. The material is because it is made of precious metals of gold and silver, copper, such as a ball, a lot of Han mark will remain to the present day. Kanshirushi the knob portion called the 鈕 (Tadashi), a variety of decorations, such as the shape of animals there are also those which has been subjected to. The stamp face have been engraved government positions or person’s name, written in hanko distinctive square character called Shirushi篆 (Inten). Han mark, that Emperor Guangwu of the Later Han is made of gold as of gave the guy the […]

Knowledge of “tally” I want to know when you create a contract

Tally and its structure is pressed to indicate that the document two or more is a document of one copy. It will be used when you press the hanko in such contract. Agreement to create business such as, in many cases that do not fit in one, by pushing in and between the back cover of the page the tally, you represent that you have closed and documents in the correct order. The purpose of which is to prevent that or I intentionally changed the order of the page or is missing pages in the middle by the tally. By any chance, even when the order has been or can […]

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