Shinto-in [Φ10mm] ¥ 1,160 + tax

Shachihata-inking stamp

Shachihata? Inking stamp? The origin of the name
Shachihata is, we are currently used as a name that refers to the inking stamp General of the ink formula.
a built-in ink and penetration mark, is the stamp of the type that you can feel free to stamp that out bleeding of the ink from the surface. Originally was that of “Shachihata Inc.” penetration mark the manufacturer, but to grow in the largest Shachihata Co., Ltd. as the inking stamp manufacturers, penetration mark by came to be recognized universally as the penetration mark = Shachihata Shachihata is now commonly used as a synonym. Therefore, the product is includes the manufacturer products other than Shachihata Co., Ltd., which is now called Shachihata. The official name of the typical off-the-shelf inking stamp made of
Shachihata is referred to as the “X stamper”, in other manufacturers there is a product or the like of Sunbee Co., Ltd. and Brother made.

for example, as a general name mark manufacturer …

Shachihata made name signs
Shachihata inking stamp
products, commonly referred to as “Shachihata” of the Corporation in the product called “X stamper” to sell of Shachihata Co., Ltd., widely used as a personal hanko and correction mark There is also what is used to name mark type and office applications, such as crack.
Sunbee made name signs
Sunbee Co., Ltd. of penetration mark
Sunbee made of the name mark type of product may quick 10, and the like. Lineup is not a big difference between Shachihata Co., Ltd., it is characterized by a certain handling of the tie-up items such as characters and animation.
Brother made name signs
Brother Industries, Ltd. of penetration mark
Brother made of inking stamp will be all rather than the off-the-shelf type tailor-made. General Shachihata-inking stamp of off-the-shelf products there is a huge variety, you will not be able to display all of the items in the store. Therefore the case that it takes a long time to buy the stock is almost. If
Brother made of penetration mark, because it can cope with stamp shop 21 Shinjuku south exit shop store to give you from data creation of the stamp face, be created in the shortest about 15 minutes if a simple name mark type It is available. (Depending on the congestion situation of the store)

Why Do not use Shachihata the important documents?
is easy to Océ and convenient Shachihata, can not be used to report to the government offices and banks. Shachihata-inking stamp is we use the pigments of the ink, but the ink pad has mineral becomes the raw material. Ink long-term storage of the male to the important documents required poses risk for easily deteriorated as compared to the like ink pad. Therefore penetration mark to use the ink has been and not suitable for the male to the documents, such as long-term storage. It has ink also raised also improved durability current, reliability towards the ink pad is over yet. Moreover, inking stamp is that usage susceptible to degradation or deformation due to aging because made of a rubber hanko face, the reason such that there is also the same as in other because they are mass-produced when the ready-made one One is.

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