Seal of the type

Here is a kind of typical stamp material (material to make a stamp).

Netherlands buffalo
There is a particularly sticky hard Among the buffalo, is the stamp material, known as a better stamp material.
Origin of the name does not mean that Dutch origin, is because that is exported to the world in the Netherlands as an integrated area. In addition to has been a favorite all over the world as the material of the clothes of a button or comb of the stamp material.
We handle “stamp shop 21” in full (pattern) that is less the Netherlands buffalo (top), what there is no off as white Netherlands buffalo.

Black water buffalo and natural black buffalo
Similarly Netherlands buffalo, is a stamp material to withstand the use of strong and long-term in the stamp material obtained by processing the corner of the water buffalo.
Usually the stamp material that has been dyed black and say black water buffalo, natural black buffalo, without dye, because the natural color is as it is, for the faint pattern on the surface as compared to the black water buffalo are rising float it features .

柘 (= Akane) – This 柘
As stamp material of the plant, it has been a favorite for a long time. In the wood is a high hard density, enough to use, is a beautiful stamp material also to look out gloss.
This 柘 is mainly classified into the island 柘 and Satsuma 柘 in Japan production, and is now the Satsuma 柘 become mainstream. The there is a yellowish gloss it features when compared to 柘.柘 has been mainly also referred to as a sham 柘 in imports from Southeast Asia. The grain is beautiful it features.

Saikaba (read: the lowest)
The binding material of the large true birch and newly developed phenolic resin than birch, which is produced in the northern cold climates was produced by high-pressure heat treatment, a new timber close to natural as possible.
Strength, is the stamp material that can be satisfied with the accuracy of both.

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